The Pain of Change

Change is the only constant in life, and yet we’re perpetually surprised that we have to change.  Mostly, we don’t like it, yet if we didn’t change, we would either fail or perish.  We frequently say we realize that we have to change and that it will be hard, yet when we find it so,

Melting Wings

One would think that in politics, the process of running campaigns, with all of their public scrutiny and glare from the press, would have a way of weeding out the nut jobs.  And usually, that’s the case.  Most of the time the process works, and it works well.  Case in point: most Republican senatorial candidates.

Gaming the System

Out of the past six presidential elections, Republican candidates have lost the popular vote five times.  Party identification is declining.  The party is getting much older, and much whiter, than mainstream American society.  The base demands policies that run counter both to common sense and empirical sense.  And so, instead of demanding change in the