The Man from Kalkaska

Meet one Republican, you’ve covered much of the spectrum that the GOP occupies.  Meet two dozen Democrats, and you’re only halfway there.  Republicans are a far more unified, ideologically coherent political party.  Democrats barely qualify as a party.  In my mind, I think a much more accurate description would be a coalition. The Republican party

The Pain of Change

Change is the only constant in life, and yet we’re perpetually surprised that we have to change.  Mostly, we don’t like it, yet if we didn’t change, we would either fail or perish.  We frequently say we realize that we have to change and that it will be hard, yet when we find it so,

Melting Wings

One would think that in politics, the process of running campaigns, with all of their public scrutiny and glare from the press, would have a way of weeding out the nut jobs.  And usually, that’s the case.  Most of the time the process works, and it works well.  Case in point: most Republican senatorial candidates.