From the Professional Left: Barack’s Binders

From time to time, it occurs to me that certain segments of the Democratic party love to bitch.  Who doesn’t, but the manner in which some of the more sanctimonious liberals do so is idiotic.  The topic is of minor significance, but there’s just got to be some bitching.  Specifically, I’m referring to the allegations that the President second term cabinet picks aren’t ‘diverse’ enough.  Ahem.

Bullshit.  For starters, let’s look at the overall administration that’s making the appointments: it’s headed by A BLACK PRESIDENT.  I’m not going to bother with a regurgitation of all of the women and people of color in positions of authority, but they’re there, and there’s lots of them.  Not to mention far more than have been included in any Republican administration.

What I find particularly striking about this little pissing match is that it’s self-inflicted.  The loudest whines are coming from the ‘professional left’ segment of the Democratic party.  Their goal is it ‘out-left’ your average Democrat so as to assume a veil of moral superiority.  They can’t move a legislative agenda, and they can’t get much of anything else done, but they are very, very adept at bitching.

In the coming months are fights about spending and taxation that will define the landscape of American political and economic geography for a generation to come.  The very idea of what government does and how it’s going to pay for it, along with the shaping the contours of our economy are up for a fight, and it’s going to be a tough one against the most obstinate political opposition this country has seen since the 1960s.

And here we are, reverting to the failed mindset of the Democratic party of 1984.  This is the kind of antics that makes most of the country collectively sigh and roll their eyes, assuming that they’re even paying attention in the first place.  It may well be that this is just a headline driven forward by media that needs something to fill the void that the fiscal cliff left us with.  But if we Democrats start to get too concerned with who is doing the work rather than actually concerned if the work is getting done (let alone being done well), well, then we might as well just nominate Jimmy Carter again, because that’s about as likely a candidate as we’d be able to get back in the White House if we keep up the bitching.

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