Thank God for Berlusconi

Every time I feel badly about our politicians in the US, there’s always two countries I can look to in order to feel better: North Korea and Italy.  No matter what our jackass elected leaders do, there’s nothing they can do that’s able to even come close to the clowns of those two countries.  To wit, let’s talk about my all time favorite Italian politician, former prime minister Silvio Berlusconi.  In the midst of a divorce from his second wife, he’s announced plans to marry his third, who just happens to be 50 years younger than him.

Of course she is.  An age appropriate marriage, announced after his divorce was finalized, would be unthinkable for Silvio.  Never one to be troubled either by the truth or propriety, the septuagenarian politico is also considering a public comeback, vowing to run again for the office of prime minister in elections to be staged early in 2013.  Were he to be elected, he this would be his fourth time in the office.  In addition to his antics being ridiculous, his personal appearance is becoming rather clownish as well, with visible evidence of copious amounts of makeup, hair transplants and an atrocious dye job being on full display during a press conference earlier this year.  Finally, his appearance is beginning resemble his grotesque actions.  It’s almost like the Italian version of Dorian Grey.

So, Italy, keep up the good work.  Let his pandering and outright lies mollify you to the point right where he wants you, prostrate and cowed, convinced that by voting for Berlusconi, you can escape the hard reality it is that you face: either difficult reforms, or another term of hilarious corruption and political stagnation.


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