Lier, Lier

The few remaining pretenses of civility are about to be dropped from the presidential race.  There’s several reasons as to why they’re all happening rather suddenly, but one prevails over the others: we’re getting close to the race.  They’ve manifested themselves in a few ways, and they  all kind of piggyback off of one another, let’s take them sequentially.

Let’s start with the act of vandalism at the Obama campaign office in Des Moines, Iowa.  Someone spray-painted the epitaph ‘Muslim lier’ on a banner on the headquarters.  You stay classy Iowa.  That whoever in question would do such a thing is an idiot goes without mentioning, but, I do enjoy the fact that this troglodyte at least put not only his hate on display, but also the fact that we’re dealing with someone who is, for all intents and purposes, functionally illiterate.

In keeping with the theme of President Obama lying, the new unemployment rate was released this morning: 7.8%, the lowest it’s been in over four years.  The right wing punditocracy had a common refrain as to how this was calculated: the President’s a lier!  Joe Scarborough was at it this morning, and so was Jack Welch.  I don’t know what was on Fox, but I can’t imagine that they weren’t on their soapboxes about this calling the President a lier as well.  They’re incapable of restraining themselves.  Without any sort of substantive proof, calling the President a lier is a stretch, even for Republicans.

Frankly, it’s pretty rich that when these numbers painted the bleakest picture thinkable, when unemployment was hovering around 11%, conservatives were giddy, absolutely gleeful at the prospect that it might hobble the President.  It’s become so ingrained in their worldview that the Muslim lier is destroying the US economy that a case of cognitive dissonance sets in whenever they see something that goes contrary to their worldview.  In their warped realities, it’s just not to be believed if it doesn’t gel with their reality.  And this isn’t the only thing that they’ve worked themselves into a veritable lather over: they think that all of the pollsters, with the exception of Rasmussen, are rigging their findings to hurt Romney’s chances.  They can’t get their heads around the idea that their second tier candidate, utterly devoid of any sense of charisma, who’s going up against an immensely talented politician who has presided over the salvation of the American economy, might be losing.  No, it’s the every single polling outfit, including even Fox fucking News, that’s out to get Romney.

And finally, while we’re talking about character, I’d like to touch on this video.  It shows Mitt Romney walking up to the podium at this week’s debate, taking something out of his pocket that resembles notes, and placing it in front of him on the podium.  Romney’s campaign claims that it was a handkerchief.  I don’t recall Romney using a handkerchief during the debate.  I think it’s far  more likely that it’s notes, which are explicitly banned by the rules of the debate.  Not to mention the plethora of fact checkers that were slamming Romney for fibbing with such gusto that it was borderline sociopathic.

There’s a Lier in the race, and he’s not a Muslim, but he is a Mormon.


*The misspelling of the word lier throughout this is intentional.


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