The West Wing Reunion

They’re getting the band back together, and Josh Lyman got fat.  Members of the cast of the West Wing got back together to film an issue spot for Michigan Supreme Court Candidate Bridget McCormack.  Her sister is Mary McCormack, who played National Security Advisor Kate Harper in the final three seasons.  As someone who considers themselves a rabid West Wing fan, I nearly crapped my pants when I saw this, I was so elated.

The ad itself is getting a massive amount of attention on Youtube, due mostly to the fact that it’s, well, basically a hit off the pipe for those of us that were West Wing addicts, and we haven’t had our fix in years.  True to form, however, it wasn’t all just zany one-liners and people speaking at each other with a machine-gun like rhythm while they were veritably jogging around an office.  The spot, which was a campaign ad for McCormack, actually touched on an issue that is fairly important, and also unknown.

Many states have non-partisan judicial elections.  Most of the time I’ll just vote a straight Democratic ticket.  And, I have to admit, that there’s been more than one election wherein I ended up voting in the non-partisan election section for candidates that I had never heard of.  Were I to go back and review some of my decisions, I w0uld probably regret at least some of them, if not all.

But the spot, true to its West Wing roots, took an issue and broke it down in the most effective manner possible: it just asked people to be aware that in many instances, voting a straight party ticket would not mean that you voted in the judicial elections, and everyone needs to vote for their state and local judges.  It didn’t push an agenda, or hammer home a partisan point, it just asked people to look into their judicial elections and vote.


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