Doing Their Job For Them

And, yet, the Detroit Police Department still couldn’t manage to do it.  Adris McCullough was wanted for shooting and killing two men this week.  He attempted to turn himself in twice before he was arrested by the Detroit Police Department.  McCullough first attempted to turn himself in at a local fire station near where the shooting occurred.  Firefighters called the police, but they were told that all of the officers on patrol were busy.  McCullough then left, and turned himself in at the Tenth Precinct, at which point he was taken into custody.

I can’t think of a better story to illustrate the plight of Detroit.  Many of the problems that plague the city have indeed been beyond the control of the authorities.  Global economic trends are part of it, race is another (impossible to discuss) one, there’s a lot of factors that have gone into getting Detroit to where it is today.  But my beef with the city, and likely lots of other residents as well, is that even the things over which the city does indeed have control, they botch, such as the utter negligence of this matter that passes for police work.

The idea that a man who’s wanted in connection with killing two men turns himself in, not once, but twice, before he’s arrested is absolute lunacy.  Much of the city government in Detroit isn’t run to provide services and law and order, but largely as a jobs program with no concern for the cost, outcome or well-being of city residents.  If police in Detroit are ‘too busy’ to come pick up a guy who just admitted to killing two Detroiters, what in the hell do we have a city government for?

I just moved here a few months ago.  And, overall, I like it, a lot, and I can see myself living here for a very, very long time.  But any changes for the better seem to come about not as a result of the city government, but despite it.  Detroit has suffered a lot, but much of it has been self-inflicted.  The magnitude of any changes for the better that have taken place recently would be amplified tenfold if we actually had a city government that performed its core functions.

People who disagree with me are entitled to their opinions.  Yes, being a cop is tough.  Cops are being asked to work longer for less, their pensions are being cut and they’re being asked to pay more for their health care.  But the fact of the matter is that all of us are.  And last time I checked, most people do their jobs much, much better than this piece of policing.  The suspect even did their job for them, and the police managed to bungle it.  While farcical police antics are outright embarrassing, if we can reform the police department so that they’re able to effectively do their jobs, then thank God something good may come of this farce.


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