Germany: Where Muslims & Jews Agree

So, Muslims and Jews, when it comes to many spheres of live, don’t really get along.  There’s a lot of reasons for it, but mostly having to do with Israel.  I won’t bother with a long-winded historical analysis of all of the reasons, but, suffice it to say that there’s a lot of bad blood.  But, one in one area, they agree: circumcision.  A German court found against circumcisions in a case where the procedure went wrong, arguing that it amounted to bodily harm, and that the right of bodily integrity trumps the parental right to religious expression.

The Jewish and Muslim communities in Germany, in a nearly unheard of display of unity, bound together to fight what they perceived as a threat to their respective faiths.  The backlash against the court has prompted German Chancellor Angela Merkel to go on the record to the effect that it ought to be a right.

I don’t really have an opinion, one way or the other, but this does go into the category of when the religion of the parents has an irreversible impact on the life of the child, such as when a parent may have moral or religious objections to vaccinations, and opts not to have them performed, causing the child to fall ill with something preventable, like polio.  There’s not going to be a resolution on the issue either, but rather a gradual societal shift, most likely away from circumcisions.  After all, now that every day bathing is universal in the West, the need for the procedure today, as compared to sweltering Palestine two thousand years ago, there’s just not the same need in physical or hygienic terms.


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