Cults, Crazy, Katie & Tom

It’s rare I write about celebrities who have no link to politics.  But, when there’s as much crazy floating around in a divorce scandal, and it comes with a strong link to a cult, there’s no way that I’d pass up a chance to expound my views on the topic.

Tom Cruise strikes me as somewhat of a nut.  He’s handsome, and he’s done some decent movies, but there’s always been part of his personality that’s just struck me as being weird.  It’s nothing I can precisely identify, but he has a tendency to just exude this air of instability.  On top of that there’s fact there are all the rumors that he’s gay, which never really ups a person’s normal quotient.  Generally, I’ve taken the opposite stance of ‘innocent until proven guilty’ when it comes to closet cases.  The reason being is that ultimately, every single person I’ve ever encountered who was rumored to be gay (myself included) has eventually turned out to be gay.  If it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck, walks like a duck, and everyone says it’s a duck, guess what?  It’s a duck.

And when he married Katie Holmes, I just felt sorry for her.  She seemed much like him, a good-looking enough character who seemed to be rather delusional for marrying such an oddball.  It wasn’t esteem I held her in, but a combination of pity and mild disgust.  But, after reading this article about how she’s staged the particulars of her divorce and how she’s going about pursuing it, I have a newfound reservoir of respect and awe for her.

Tom Cruise, by all accounts, is a force to be reckoned with.  He had his way (or, didn’t, as the case more likely is) with Nicole Kidman during their 2001 divorce, blindsiding her with divorce papers, engaging in a smear campaign against her both in public and with respect to their own children, ultimately turning them against their mother, and nearly cutting Kidman off from them entirely.  Katie was having none of this.

Having probably witnessed how this played out previously, Katie turned the tables on Tom.  She hired the two most high powered divorce attorneys in the country on the East Coast, much further away from Scientology’s reaches.  Holmes went for full custody as well, and had the papers delivered to Cruise just days before his 50th birthday, reportedly a move Cruise had not been expecting.  She also went so far as to purge her clothing company of his relatives so as to make sure that they wouldn’t be able to function as moles from within her own ranks.  This was a move that she had long been planning in secret, with rather cunning precision and drive.

And she’s threatening to bring the roof down on Scientology as well.  With as many defections as the ‘Church’ has experienced in the past decade, it’s nowhere near the fighting force that it was the last time around that Cruise went through a divorce.  It functioned both as enforcer and attack dog for Cruise, and now that so many people have left its ranks, particularly its ‘fixers,’ there’s a good chance that Holmes could use the allegations that it’s faced in the past against not only Scientology, but linking them back to her soon-to-be ex-husband as well.

So, for a perky little milquetoast to pull of this kind of an upset, really, I have to admit, Katie Holmes, you’re a total badass in my book, and completely underestimated.  Good luck, though from what you’ve showed up thus far, you probably won’t need it.


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