Romney’s Democratic Doppelganger

Want to get someone who can play Mitt Romney during debate prep for President Obama’s team?  Hmmm…interesting, it has to be a very specific character.  Tall to the point of being gangly, with an odd, offbeat way of talking.  Being rich certainly would help, along with a tendency to say things that the rest of us find off-putting, and he has to be a Democrat so they’ll be willing to help the President.  So, who do you turn to?  Well, you’re left with none other than onetime presidential hopeful Senator John Kerry, of course.

Kerry has made a study of Mitt Romney, and claims that he can mimic the former governor, as he’s tracked his career trajectory, and is able to embrace the same style of speaking, postures, and other personal tics that characterize the GOP’s nominee.  While I think this may be the case to the certain extent, I think that what we have here is basically a case that they’re alter egos on different ends of the political spectrum.  Both from Massachusetts, rich, kind of weird, they (theoretically) should be able to be an incumbent, and prone to saying things that are just, well, kind of odd.

So, it makes, at least to me, abundant sense, that the Democratic campaign would look to Romney’s doppelganger, Kerry a man that, aside from political affiliation and policy orientation, is pretty much cut from the same cloth.  Odd, but logical.


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