Bill: Still Outdoing Himself

And I’m sure that Hillary is just thrilled as hell.  As George Carlin said, one of the reasons that Americans liked Bill Clinton so much was that he was pretty open about being totally full of shit.  He was, and we loved him for it.  By any reasonable standards, he was pretty good at it as well.  As the website TMZ noted, however, he just ‘out-Clintoned’ himself.  How, you might be asking yourself, did he manage to pull this one off?  Well, he had his picture taken with a few porn stars in Monaco (one of whom, Brooklyn Lee, won the porno industry’s equivalent of the Oscars four times, the AVNs, including one for the most outrageous scene).

Clinton claims that he wasn’t aware of their profession, but, really now?  Are we expected to believe this, coming out of world-renowned skirt chaser Bill Clinton?  Of course not.  And he knows it, which yet another reason that we’re all in on the joke.  Clinton’s full of shit, and we love him for it.

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