Old People and the Truth

Ever notice that old people say exactly what’s on their minds?  I envy them.  I think that they’ve basically gotten to a point where they simply don’t give a shit anymore, and will say damn near anything that pops into their wizened brains.  Congressman John Dingell (D-MI), who is 85 years old and has served in the House since Eisenhower was President, is a classic case in point.  As a Democrat, he’s no fan of the Tea Party, and usually refers to them as ‘Teabaggers,’ unaware that there is a different meaning to the word.

Well, at one point, before he was set to go on the Daily Show, his staff finally decided that they ought to bring him up to speed on what the word meant, certain that he should at least be aware.  He was first amused.  Then mildly disgusted.  Then he decided he was going to keep using it.  There are indeed benefits to getting old.


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