Mitt in the Mitten

Michigan hasn’t gone red in a presidential race since it went for George H.W. Bush in 1988.  That seems like a lifetime ago.  But, with Michigan ‘native’ Mitt Romney as the presumptive GOP nominee, there’s more a chance of that happening now.  Michigan, once reliably blue, is no more.  If Democrats can’t hold onto Michigan, it doesn’t matter what happens in Ohio or Florida.

Now, look at another aspect of the upcoming race as it relates to Detroit: most of the Democratic votes in the state come from Detroit and its suburbs.  The western half of the state has traditionally been staunchly conservative, and the I-75 corridor, where powerful unions once dominated, was reliably allied with the Democrats.  Take into account the fact that the City Clerk of Detroit is dubious about her ability to conduct elections on the diminished budget she’s been handed, and you have all the makings of a total cliffhanger in Michigan come this November.  Then Mitten is up for grabs.

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