By now, everyone reading will be well acquainted with the name of George Zimmerman, the man who shot and killed Florida teen Trayvon Martin over a month ago.  Zimmerman has, at least for now, escaped prosecution on the basis of the ‘stand your ground’ law that enables citizens to gun each other down over threats, be they perceived or real.  He has not, however, escaped the wrath of public opinion, and he’s been forced into hiding following multiple death threats and the overall backlash his actions have, justly, unleashed on his life.

Zimmerman has started a website, arguing his case, and, in keeping with the total lack of any kind of self-awareness that he’s already demonstrated by deigning to pursue and gun down an unarmed teen, started to ask for donations to pay for the likely massive legal bills he’ll have to foot once he is inevitably charged and tried.  It’s called http://www.therealgeorgezimmerman.com, and it’s getting a lot of hits, as, when I clicked on it, it took forever to load.  I didn’t ultimately see the contents, but given his actions and the descriptions of it, it’s just as batty as he is.  To even start a website is kind of nutty in and of itself.  The damage is done.  Trying to argue that he was justified in killing a young man just because he didn’t like the way he looked is the issue.  No website, no matter the design or the content is going to do anything to rehabilitate his reputation.  Ever.

What I’m still wondering is, where’s the indictment?  Some kind of charges should, at the very least, have been handed down by now.


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