Having Heard the Fat Lady Sing

For all intents and purposes, we have a presumptive Republican presidential nominee: Willard Mitt Romney.  Fun,  no?  It’s been Romney for a while now, but with Santorum’s failure to pull a win out of Wisconsin has pretty much eliminated any chance whatsoever of even conceivably being able to realize those longshot chances he had for Tampa.  So, this is the point at which the remainder of the field should bow out and make way for the Romney train, right?  One would think, but that’s not going to happen in the foreseeable future, at least not until the convention in Tampa this coming summer.

Gingrich won’t get out, because he doesn’t want to be told to get out.  He’s madder than hell at Romney for what he perceives to be unfair attacks that were aired during some of the primaries, and frankly, he has a few scores to settle.  Paul is a believer, has drunk about as much of his own Kool-Aid as he could get his hands on, and truly believes that he can influence the ‘policy’ side of matters in the Republican field.  And Santorum won’t step aside, because there’s still going to be a few primaries that he’ll likely win, and he sincerely believes that’s he’s doing the anointed work of the Almighty.

Sound familiar?  What we have here is a collection of white men who are, in the face of all available and overwhelming evidence, refusing to budge.  And it’s symptomatic of our country as a whole.  The Republican party perceives it’s under attack.  God and the American way of life are under siege from east coast liberals, gays, a Muslim socialist in the White House, you name it.  The point is, the dynamics of the Republican party are increasingly reflecting the cultural patters of the country as a whole.  This isn’t something that you can debate with them.  It’s just a general ‘feeling’ that they have, and like any human being, they’ll hone in on evidence that supports their claims and dismiss anything that runs counter to their perceptions.  The first casualty of such perceptions is compromise.

So, brace yourselves for the next few months or so, because this race, even though it’s over, won’t really be until the losers are forced out of the contest.  It’ll be Romney.  But just not yet.


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