So Where’s the Arrest?

I haven’t posted much on the Trayvon Martin murder, mostly because I don’t have much to say about it, at least publicly.  I have issues with both sides, and I think this entire affair is just another piece of evidence that, when it comes to race, people in this country go with their gut, rather than evidence.  On both sides, mind you.  Sadly, this entire debacle is yet the latest manifestation of the patent inability of this country to have an honest, therapeutic discussion about race.

Still, that hasn’t kept me from thinking that George Zimmerman ought to be arrested.  The Orlando Sentinel hired two forensic experts to analyze the 911 calls made the night that Martin was shot, and the conclusion was that it was not Zimmerman that was screaming for help, as has seemed obvious to many of us in listening to the tapes.  I would love for the analysis to also be performed on the 911 call Zimmerman placed to the Sanford police department, in order to confirm what we already know, that he used the term ‘fucking coons,’ during the course of the call.

All of the antics aside, I’m still surprised that Zimmerman hasn’t been arrested.  Thought I’m not a lawyer, I think that there’s enough evidence to arrest and charge him with the murder of Martin.  Young black men die violently every day in this country.  Sadly, that seems to be a fact of life that we’ve largely accepted.  But what we have not accepted is that when a case comes along, a case wherein the culprit is so easily identifiable, and the evidence so damning, that the police act as almost a judicial sanction to the killing.  That’s what makes this case unique.  Not that it happened in the South.  Not that Martin was a regular kid, who did the exact same stuff that I did when I was in high school.  Not that Zimmerman was a ticking time bomb.

The fact that the Sanford police department basically wrote this off as a misdemeanor murder is what’s troubling about this case.  No way that this should still be happening.  But the fact of the matter is that it still does.


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