Tantrum in Lansing

Earlier, I wrote about the hearings that the Higher Education Subcommittee in the Michigan State House were conducting regarding stem cell research at the University of Michigan and mandatory health insurance coverage at Michigan State University.  Republicans on the subcommittee weren’t pleased.  It was, in the words of a friend, a bunch of west Michigan Republicans trying to advance their social agenda at the expense of higher education.  I had hoped that cooler heads would prevail in the Subcommittee, but that did not happen.  The Subcommittee voted to deny MSU and UM $40 million in funding by the state, simply because they don’t like what they’re doing.

I doubt that this will pass the state legislature, or that the governor will sign off on this as is.  There’s likely to be some ‘chats’ wherein more senior Republicans tell these boobs to come to their senses.  This sort of far right social engineering has no place in our flagship public universities, in fact, it has no place in the public domain whatsoever.  It makes for amusing politics, but the harm it brings is anything but.

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