Vin de Detroit?

From being parodied on Frasier in the 1990s, to being referred to as ‘Raw Deer’ by myself when I was a child, ‘Cold Duck’ has enjoyed popular currency on our tables for years.  Little did I know that it was a beverage that originated in Detroit in 1937.  Harold Borgman at the Ponchartrain Wine Cellars invented the drink by combining dry California Burgundy with New York sparkling wines, piggy backing off of a German tradition that did the same with champagne and red wines.  The original name was ‘Kalte Ende,’ or cold ending, and someone modified the name to ‘Kalte Ente’ which, in German, means cold duck.  This drink doesn’t have the best reputation, but it was very popular in years past, and we have the efforts of a thrifty waiter from Detroit to ‘thank’ for it.


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