42 and 44: The Similarities

On the face of it, Bill Clinton and Barack Obama are nearly polar opposites in terms of their personalities.  President Obama is more a detached, cerebral loner, whereas former President Clinton is a gregarious, emotive intuiter of people.  Both are Democrats, born 15 days apart during the month of August on either end of the Baby Boom (1946 and 1961).  Absent fathers, strong willed mothers and hometowns in backwaters far from where any significant political action was taking place characterized their upbringings.

I’d never really thought of it, but this article points to some startling similarities about our past two Democratic Presidents.  And what I find most telling, is that the Democratic Party, despite all of the rhetoric produced by the GOP, manages to produce leaders who have pulled themselves up by their bootstraps, whereas the past few Republican Presidents that we’ve had have been born into privilege.  It’s that emphasis on personal achievement and social mobility that is one of the reasons that I consider myself a Democrat.  And it’s one that’s all the more driven home when you look at the Republican candidacy of someone like Mitt Romney.


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