Using the Titanic as Cover

In about a month, the centenary of the sinking of the Titanic takes place.  Bloomberg interviewed the man who discovered the wreck site, only to find out that the Titanic, at the time, was not the primary target of the expedition, it was merely a side job.  Oceanographer Robert Ballard was commissioned by the US Navy to look at the site of two sunken nuclear submarines to ensure that radiation was not leaking from their reactors.  This was in 1985, in the waning days of the Cold War, and the Navy commissioned Ballard for the job, but his cover, so as not to alert the Soviets to the location of the sunken subs, was to be looking for the Titanic.  The ploy was so successful that the true aim of the voyage hasn’t been known until now.  Unfortunately, Dr. Ballard also professes to enjoy the movie ‘Titanic,’ the favorite of adolescent girls the world over, known for its 11 Oscars, none of which were earned for acting.


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