Voting on the Weekend?

Ever wonder why we vote on Tuesdays in this country?  Well, there’s a reason for it, and it’s nearly two hundred years old.  In 1845, Congress mandated that elections be conducted on Tuesdays, as farmers who needed at least two days to travel to vote would not conflict with religious services on Sundays.  Interesting.  Another one of those things that ‘just is’ actually has a distinct reason.  Now, Democratic Congressmen Steve Israel (NY) and John Larson (CT) have submitted a bill to the floor of the House that would move election day from the first Tuesday in November to the first Saturday in the month, beginning in 2014.

This would allow more working families to vote, as many people have scheduling conflicts, such as overtime, chauffeuring children about and other miscellany that sometimes prevent people from making it to the polls.  On the whole, I think that having elections on Saturday frankly makes a whole hell of a lot of sense, and as I’ve long had the tradition of holding election night parties (the ambiance of said parties usually has much more to do with the outcome than the quality of booze that I provide) would be a lot more entertaining if people didn’t have to worry about working the next day with a hangover.  Therefore, I’m a supporter.


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