The Timothy Leary Approach to Drunks

There’s lots of people who drink too much.  Alcoholism is a widespread public health concern, and there’s a myriad of treatments that are available to help people stop the boozin’.  One that’s new might be, get this: LSD.  Researches at the Norwegian University of Technology and Science conducted trials between 1966 and 1970 that demonstrated those people who were trying to quit drinking and took LSD did better in terms of abstinence than those that went cold turkey.  So, who knew?  Apparently, you can go dry with another mind altering substance, but, less of it, and only one dose.  I wonder what people who are tripping see that gets them off the drink.  Perhaps talking bottles of scotch, or fifths of vodka that chase them around?  Whatever it is, apparently there’s some thin, albeit credible, evidence to justify acid, should you want to (counterintuitively) sober up.


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