Going Public With a Legend

Most of the hot initial public offerings of shares of stocks are for new tech companies.  Facebook, Yelp, the list is endless.  But there’s a company that’s about to go public that’s been around for a while that still actually makes something: Fender, the legendary manufacturer of guitars.

Seems quaint, doesn’t it?  A company founded in the 1940s that produces something tangible, and has far more cultural force than something like Tumblr.  Not that there’s anything wrong with owning tech stocks, they’re probably a good buy in many instances.  But there’s just something appealing about the idea of a company that physically produces something as cool as a Fender guitar.  I don’t play myself, but I do know a lot of guys (and gals) who do, and Fender to them is a pretty potent symbol.  I’d rate it a buy, but, then again, I’m neither a financial advisor, or a musician.  But owning a share of Fender stock is something that would stand out in anyone’s portfolio.


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