Stalked by a Turkey

Edna Geisler, of Commerce Township, Michigan has a stalker.  For upwards of two months, he’s been lurking about her property, occasionally attacking her and refusing to leave her in peace.  The funny part is that it’s a turkey that she’s nicknamed Godzilla.  Usually, wild turkeys are terrified of humans, although this one apparently lost his fear of humans at some point, likely when someone fed him.  Godzilla thinks that Geisler’s front yard is his territory, and he views her as the aggressor.

I think this is hilarious.  If this were my yard, a simple trip to Walmart to pick up a twelve gauge shotgun would be in order, to be promptly followed by a sumptuous turkey dinner that night.  Usually, eating your enemies is frowned upon, but you can, in this instance, quite literally kill two birds with one stone (or shotgun blast).


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