The Palin Divorce That Wasn’t

Sarah Palin inspires strong emotions, both from her supporters and detractors.  Some people see in her the savior of the United States, and some see a dangerously incompetent hypocrite.  I usually count myself as one of her detractors, and not just for the fact that her policies are totally off base, but for the fact that there’s a wide gulf between what she is and what she presents herself as.  Case in point: she and Todd Palin were considering a divorce in 2007, but, that never came to fruition, ostensibly, due to her political ambitions.

I don’t mind that she thought about getting divorced, many people do for various reasons, and that’s her business.  But what I do take issue with is that throughout the course of the campaign she presented herself as a veritable June Cleaver, eagerly grasping towards her estranged husband as nothing more than a political prop.  Not to mention that this all-American family was in the midst of experiencing a teenage pregnancy courtesy of Briston Palin and Levi Johnson.  All the while, she’s bashing the President, speaking in code about his faith and generally bashing him for being un-American when her family looks like a psych ward next to the Obamas.

I don’t like making people’s personal lives fodder for public campaigns, but sometimes, they’re just so dangerous, not to mention hypocritical that taking a bit of air out of their tires is the only thing that there is left to do.


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