If You Want a Friend In Washington, Get a Dog

But if you’re Mitt Romney, don’t.  Much has been made of the infamous twelve hour car trip in 1983 from Boston to Ontario when the Romneys were on vacation.  During the trip, the family Irish setter, Seamus, was along for the ride, but not in the car, which contained the luggage.  Rather, he was stowed on top of the station wagon in a kennel attached to the car (which Romney later bizarrely claimed was airtight).

The Romney sons thought it was both gross and hilarious when brown liquid started dripping down the back of the car, and Mitt pulled over to discover that poor Seamus, after several hours of riding on top of said car, was terrified.  Romney went to the next rest stop, and hosed both the dog and the car down.  Problem solved, and it’s usually here that the story ends.

But, it gets better.  What’s been left out of the story thus far is that the dog was so pissed with its owners, that it ran away when they got to Ontario, to scared to remain with them to make the ride back.  It seems, that without fully anticipating this, Saturday Night Live got it right with this skit from this past weekend.  So, while Romney has a tin ear when it comes to ‘getting it’ with humans, apparently the same is true of dogs.  Woof woof.


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