Bigotry = Stupidity

Ignorance is the foundation of bigotry.  A simple fear of the unknown is the motivation for hating other people simply for what they appear to be.  In short, being a racist is just another expression of being an idiot.

Take, for example, this recent act of anti-Muslim vandalism in Michigan: a Sikh temple was defaced with anti-Muslim graffiti.  Nice going guys, not only is your message utterly false, you managed to get the entirely wrong target.  If you are going to try and convey a point, however screwed that viewpoint is, why don’t you at least try and get the right target?  This brings to mind the murder of the Sikh gas station attendant in the wake of 9/11, who was killed because another moron thought, mistakenly, that he was a Muslim.  And even if he were a Muslim, killing another human being as retribution makes the killer just as nuts as the psychos who flew airliners into various locations on the east coast.

That these jackasses are stupid is undeniable.  They’re so lacking in intelligence that they can’t even get their targets right.  That speaks volumes about them as individuals, and the dark ‘philosophy’ that drives them to such cruel and idiotic acts.  It shouldn’t surprise, then, that they’re so incompetent, but somehow, still, it does.  Morons.


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