The New Acronym: ABR

Anyone but Romney.  He’s been the presumed nominee for what seems like over a decade now, and he just can’t manage to seal the deal.  The storyline is that without pummeling his opponents with nasty attack ads, he can’t beat them.  Former Senator Rick Santorum (R-PA) took the trifecta of Minnesota, Missouri and Colorado, all of which, I might add, are swing states.

The fact of the matter is that Romney, for all of his electability, is not well liked by his party.  Does he do well with independents?  Sure.  But the base of his party, the base that mobilizes, the base that gets revved up for other races down the ticket (Congress), isn’t biting.

So, my takeaway is this: if Romney is the candidate, he’s going to do well with that broad middle of the electorate, and then the party may do worse in Congressional races.  If Santorum is the nominee, he’s not going to win, as he couldn’t carry a swing state if it were filled with feathers, but his presence on the ticket would greatly bolster the enthusiasm that Republicans would need to hold the House and take back the Senate.  So, as always, stay tuned.


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