If Not the Donald, Why Not Roseanne?

If you’ve ever asked yourself the above question, you’ll be happy: Roseanne Barr is throwing her hat into the ring for the presidential nomination of the Green Party.  Yes, that Roseanne Barr from the sitcom from the ’80s and ’90s.  John Goodman, who played her husband Dan on the series, already made it into a fictional Oval Office during his cameo appearance on the series the West Wing, when as Speaker of the House, he took over for President Jed Bartlet during a hostage crisis involving his daughter.  So, this is the next logical step for Barr, yes?

Barr claims that both parties have abandoned the majority of the American public, and that hers will be a campaign the media will not be able to ignore.  Of this, I have no doubt.  The idea of Roseanne running for President simultaneously delights and terrifies me.  I have far too vivid memories of Florida in 2000 and the some 50,000 odd votes Ralph Nader siphoned off from Al Gore, tipping the election in favor of the walking disaster that was George W. Bush.  But, having a Roseanne candidacy will surely be amusing in the meantime.  She’s leaving her 46 acre macadamia ranch in Hawaii (?!)  to head for the Green Party convention in Baltimore in July.  I wonder if any of her TV kids will campaign for her.


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