Detroit: Driving the Difference

For the first decade of the new century, the state of Michigan lost a total of nearly 800,000 manufacturing jobs.  Michigan was also the only state in that decade to actually decrease in population.  For those ten years, I got used to hearing nothing but economic doom and gloom about my home state.  And that’s now set to change.  Michigan is expected to lead the country in job creation over the next six months, according to data from the Federal Reserve.

So, Michigan, take hope.  After being put through an economic meat grinder, you’re finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.  Most of the hiring is a direct offshoot of the rebound of the recovery of the automotive sector, and while that’s a welcome change, the state would do well at this point to diversify the economy.  Michigan’s always done well when the Big Three are making money hand over fist, but, as the saying goes, when GM gets a cold, Detroit gets pneumonia.

And it’s not just Michigan.  The entire Great Lakes basin (Indiana, Ohio, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Minnesota, etc.)  is taking part in a resurgence of manufacturing.  After years of economic malaise, business leaders are coming to the conclusion that manufacturing in America in the industrial heartland is actually cost effective.  This also bodes well for Democrats.  The economy if finally turning a corner, and, significantly for Democrats, people are starting to feel it.  Barring another massive economic dislocation stemming from some idiotic Greek debt default, a recovering economy bodes well for us come this November.  And more importantly, it’ll put millions of Americans back to work.

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