Happy New Year: the Dragon Arrives

The Chinese traditional New Year operates on the lunar calendar, which means their New Year isn’t on January 1st.  Rather, the Chinese New Year begins this coming Monday, January 23rd.  Historically, this celebration was confined to the Chinese mainland, and amongst members of the Chinese diaspora, of which there are many across the world now.  My boyfriend, who is Chinese, told me that there’s a saying in Chinese: Wherever there’s water, you’ll find Chinese people.  That’s now more true than ever, with globalization marching on full steam.  As a result, more celebrations are popping up in the US of Chinese New Year, mostly in large cities, but not just.  Americans are used to exporting our own culture, and while that’s great, I’m glad that we’re getting something in from abroad.  Another holiday to celebrate, why not?  Plus, who doesn’t love Chinese food?


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