The Fallen Captain

As lame excuses go, this one is pretty rich.  The captain of the capsized Costa Concordia cruise ship claims to have tripped and fallen into a lifeboat.  Wow.  That’s pretty unbelievable.  Literally.  In fact, he panicked, and abandoned his ship, his post and his passengers.  I’d be more amused if people had not have ied in this accident, but what stands out in this instance is that I begin to discern a pattern with culprits in situations like this.  When someone has grossly, negligently screwed up, there’s a tendency for them to take a wholesale leave from the truth, and what’s more interesting, is that since they expect the public to buy it, I think that they’ve probably sold themselves on the merits of their excuses as well.  This captain, Sen. Larry Craig (R-ID), Ted Haggard are all just a few of these fellows who seem to buy their own fantasies, and for as amusing as it may be, it’s still tragic that innocent victims had to pay the ultimate price for the cowardice and incompetence of one delusional man.


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