Scottish Independence Referendum: Fall 2014

For you Braveheart lovers out there, take note: there’s likely to be a referendum in Scotland in 2014 asking residents there whether they’d like to become an independent country or not.  Scotland, always the junior partner in the marriage that is the United Kingdom of Great Britain, has long chafed at English hegemony.  Though we don’t see the outright spats of armed rebellion that once used to characterize the relationship between the English and the Scots, there’s still simmering resentment at some English aspects of governance.  Scotland was granted more local powers in the late 1990s, and has exercised them rather forcefully.  The First Minister of Scotland (essentially the governor), Alex Salmond, who is also the leader of the Scottish National Party, is strongly in favor of independence, and is making moves towards conducing the referendum in two years time.  Final scheduling is still in the works, but stay tuned, as this story may well add to another independent country in Europe.

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