File Sharing as a Faith

If you’re like me, you probably believe that there is a God, that it’s not you, and that’s about it.  Other people have more articulated faiths, and that’s fine too.  But for Isak Gerson, a 19 year old Swedish philosophy student, he has a different faith: file sharing.  The Church of Kopimism, dedicated to promoting file sharing as a religion, was recognized by the government of Sweden as a legitimate religion shortly before Christmas.  The faith, which holds that CRTL+C and CRTL+V are holy signs, is dedicated solely to the idea that the act of sharing files is a religious act.  It’s kind of ridiculous, but then again, so are certain tracts of the Bible.  And hey, why not, while we’re at it, talk about worshiping the sun?  I mean, at least I can see the sun, right?  That seems about as legitimate as worshiping in a church, temple, or mosque, or, as in this case, conducting services in front of your laptop.


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