One More Time

Well, with pretty much everyone having had a boomlet in Iowa, it appears that we have time for one more.  Congressman Ron Paul (R-TX),  one of the remaining three candidates who was yet to ride a surge of support, along with former Senator Rick Santorum of Pennsylvania and former Ambassador Jon Huntsman of Utah, is finally having his moment in the limelight.

The caucuses are being held on January 3rd, and now that Paul finds himself as the nominal frontrunner in the first in the nation state, he’s the one on whom his fellow candidates are training their fire.  No big surprise there.  But, I have to admit, what I do find surprising is that the one Republican candidate, Jon Huntsman, at least in my mind, would have been the most formidable candidate to square off against the President, never was ever able to muster his boomlet.  He’s the most electable candidate out of the entire pack, and, somewhat paradoxically, he’s the one candidate that the Republican rank and file seem to despise the most.

So, I think that we’ll have an outcome in Iowa that won’t matter much to the overall nominating process, and, consequently, there’s going to be a growing chorus from across the nation question why precisely it is that state, which has recently had a track record of picking losers, to have the perennial privilege of going first in the nation.  That, more than the results of whatever happens next week is likely to be the most significant result of the upcoming Iowa caucuses.


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