The Lady Doth Protest Too Much, Methinks.

Whenever there’s homophobic politicians, I’ve come to expect at least one of them to be a closet case.  And with the guilty plea from state senator Carl Kruger (D-Brooklyn), he’s just another name on a long list that supports my theory.  Kruger was one of a handful of Democratic state senators who successfully blocked a same-sex marriage bill from becoming law in 2009.  Breaking ranks from his party, his defection, along with a few others, effectively blocked the bill from going forward, killing it for another two years.

Kruger now finds himself in the hotseat, having plead guilty to a plethora of corruption charges leveled at him by the Feds.  And in the investigation, it turns out that Sen. Kruger, who says he is not gay, lives with his ‘close companion,’ Dr. Michael Turano, and Kruger’s mother in a Liberace-styled manse in Brooklyn.  Testimony in the proceedings derived from a wiretap detailed conversations between Kruger and Turano in which the two would engage in baby talk.  Turano was involved in the investigation because of the transfer of bribe funds between accounts held by the two ‘friends.’

I don’t buy it.  Adult, heterosexual men do not engage in baby talk with each other, and they rarely live together, particularly when they have the money not to do so.  It’s usually closeted Republicans that are the loudest in leading the charge against the gays, but, wonder of wonders, there do exist their Democratic colleagues.  Their actions, both in terms of corruption, and also of embracing homophobia in order to deflect attention away from themselves is reprehensible.  At the end of the day, try as they may to prevent it, the truth will always come out, even if they don’t.


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