No New Faces in Russian Politics?

Well, these days, there is, and it’s on Vladimir Putin.  Putin, the former (and possibly again) Russian president and current prime minister, looks good.  Very good.  In fact, too good.  Rumors abound that he underwent plastic surgery this past October, receiving Botox treatments, an eye lift on his lower lids and filler injections into his hollowed out cheeks.  And if you take a look at before and after pictures, there’s definitely a noticeable difference.

This sort of thing really isn’t important, but it’s funny to see politicians, whose currency is power and politics, suddenly start caring about how pretty they look in the glare of the public eye.  This wouldn’t be the first time that a Russian leader underwent some ‘cosmetic’ changes.  For example, Stalin regularly had his official photos airbrushed so as to omit the deep pockmarks that dotted his face.  So, while the comparison may not be popular in the run-up to the election, it may be apt,  the more time that passes, the more similar than these men are turning out.


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