Campaigns: Ron Paul For Christmas

I was actually just thinking earlier this afternoon, wondering how long it’d be before Newt’s numbers would start to slip, and if you believe either the Perry or the Romney campaigns (not the most objective of observers, I’d say), that moment is now.  According to those campaigns, the baggage train he had trailing behind him has begun to catch up with him.  So who’s the beneficiary?  Ron Paul.

So, you read it here first.  For political junkies, a Paul surge at this stage in the game is Christmas come early.  The reason being, if Newt’s about to falter and Paul’s the beneficiary,  a clear signal is being offered to the United States, and that’s that Republicans really aren’t interested in winning 2012.  They’re enjoying their little purge, reality be damned, they’re going to be ideologically pure.

If this trend continues, and the GOP can’t get their act together, then this is going to be the biggest Democratic blowout since 1964, wherein LBJ absolutely mopped the floor with the Republican candidate.  The reason was, the GOP nominated a crackpot named Barry Goldwater, who, though he rather mellowed in later years, was a raving lunatic in the 1960s, and was therefore the most palatable to the John Birch Society, the modern frontrunner to the tea party.  If the stars align, history will repeat itself all over again.  In the meantime, I’ll just sit back and enjoy watching the patients continue to run the asylum.


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