Back off Wisconsin!

As a proud Michigan State Spartan, I chafed under the defeat handed to us by the University of Wisconsin Badgers this past weekend.  But now, the Badger state is adding insult to injury.  A new travel ad campaign is portraying Wisconsin as a mitten.  This is patent heresy.  Everyone knows that Michigan is the Mitten state.  I take joy in running across people, even in New York, who, when asked where they’re from, take off their glove, show me their hand, and point to it to let me know from whence they hail.  And what makes it even better, is that there’s no discussion needed so as to indicate what’s going on.  The hand is Michigan (not to mention the fact that we have another hand in the form of the Upper Peninsula).  I can deal with a loss in athletics here and there.  That MSU lost, well, we seem to lose games we should win, and win some games that we should lose.

But this is a bridge too far.  Wisconsin would do well to remember the fact that we Michiganders are a proud bunch, and we’ve gone to war with neighboring states before over such impertinence.


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