A New Week, A New GOP Dynamic

What passes for order is starting to descend over the Republicans.  Cain is out, Romney is still flailing about, perennially stuck in second place, and Gingrich is starting, for the first time, to emerge as a credible and sustainable frontrunner.  Bachmann, Perry and Cain all flared up, only to burn out in a spectacular and untimely fashion, because they were, largely, unknown quantities.  I think that the Republican primary base is more comfortable with Gingrich because of his conservative bona fides, and also because they know him.  All that stuff about the devil you know.

And why not Romney?  Well, simply put, Romney has failed to break above that 24-25% threshold in many areas for the reasons that were highlighted during his interview performance this past week with Brett Baier.  Romney just comes off as being your jackass boss, an inherently unlikable character.  A two-faced character who’s willing to say and do near anything, regardless of his own private, core principles, if he even has any, in order to close the deal.

Watching Gingrich square off against Romney should be interesting.  Romney is still the more electable candidate, but Gingrich is the one who is more likely to get the nod from the rank and file of the GOP base.  What it comes down to is this: are the majority of Republicans who vote in the primaries more interested in winning or ideological purity?  Because for all of his faults, Romney will be far more attractive to independent voters than Gingrich, with decades worth of political baggage, ever will be.  So, it’s up to them: Do Republicans want to be ‘right,’ no pun intended, or do they want to close the deal?  Time will tell.


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