Imagine Christmas with the Stalins

Thanksgiving is past, and the holidays are swinging into high gear, with Christmas soon upon us.  Which means family.  We sometimes think that our families are a pain, but imagine being the daughter of Josef Stalin.  Lana Peters didn’t have to, she actually was the sole remaining child of the Soviet despot.  She died this past Tuesday in Wisconsin, after a battle with lung cancer.

She defected to the United States in 1967, after a grueling existence in the Soviet Union.  Nadezhda Alliluyeva, her mother, committed suicide in 1932.  Her brother Yakov also committed suicide whilst in German captivity during the Second World War.  And her only other sibling, Vasiliy, a noted officer in the Soviet air force died of alcoholism in the USSR in 1962.  Stalin himself died in 1953 after having murdered tens of millions of his countrymen.  The above description pretty much dovetails with what we would expect of the family dynamic of the Stalins.  Bloody and filled with tragedy.

So, this Christmas, even though family can be sometimes be tough, just be glad that your father isn’t Josef Stalin.  Looking at it like that, I hope that things suddenly seem brighter for you.


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