Potty-Mouth Coulter Bleeped

I’m no saint.  Lord knows, I can probably hold my own with the best of them when it comes to swearing, but I’m not a media figure.  Unfortunately.  However, there are those in the talking head caste who also have some of the same tendencies, and they sometimes put them up on display for the audience as well.

Specifically, perennial right wing succubus-wraith Ann Coulter clearly qualifies for membership in this not-so-elite club.  She was on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, where she was bleeped out a number of times, for a grand total of 13 seconds.  She used the term d*bag and also started referring to the late Sen. Ted Kennedy (D-MA) as human pestilence.  Classy.  For a seasoned media veteran to have to be, in effect, censored, so frequently on a morning TV show is kind of shocking.  She’s not a newbie, she knows the rules of the game.  You see, the problem with Ann Coulter is that she feels those rules just don’t apply to her.  That, and the fact that she’s a genuinely vitriolic person.


One Comment

  1. Coulter is definitely one of those people that needs to go away. If you disagree with Democrats, fine. You can make your point without swearing and name calling. She always comes across as a spoiled, angry, unintelligent little kid.


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