The 51st State: The Windy City

There’s been talk for years of adding a 51st state, usually centered around Puerto Rico, but it’s come to naught.  50, a good, solid round number is easier for most of us to grasp, and, besides, if we were to add another state, we’d all have to go to the unnecessary expense of buying new flags.  What a pain.

But, there are at least two Republican legislators in Illinois who are in favor of adding another state to the Union: Chicago.  That’s right, State Reps. Bill Mitchell of Forsyth and Adam Brown of Decatur want to lop off the Windy City from the rest of the Land of Lincoln, and make it an independent state, which would bring the grand total to 51.  It’s probably not going to happen, but it’s fun to laugh at.  Just because you don’t like the effect that a big city has on the politics of the state is no reason to lop it off and start up a new sovereign political entity.  But when has reason gotten in the way of GOP grandstanding?  I, for one, would venture to nominate a new name of the proposed entity: The State of Big Shoulders.


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