Run Amok on Crime and Turkeys

Soft on crime!  Coddling criminals!  Those liberal democrats are at it again.  First, Gov. Ron Kitzhaber (D-OR) announced yesterday that he’s ending executions in his state for the rest of his administration, citing ethical concerns.  Socialist!

Not to be outdone, Kenyan-born Bolshevik Barack Obama upped the ante, pardoning two turkeys this morning, claiming that he was merely upholding a Presidential Thanksgiving tradition.  This goes in the face of the Constitution, as the President clearly has no authority or powers specifically designated to exonerate poultry or livestock from their impending, tasty doom.

What’s next?  Government mandated stuffing?  Occupy Target on Black Friday?  I don’t know what’s going to happen next, but these Democrats are undermining the very foundations of our tasty holidays, while also spoiling our seemingly unquenchable thirst for the blood of convicted criminals.  How dare they?

On a happier note, Happy Thanksgiving everyone.  I have a turkey to thaw, bread to bake for stuffing and a pumpkin cheesecake to bake.  Be safe and enjoy your families, to the extent you can.

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