Next Up: Newt

George W. Bush clone Rick Perry is likely to see his already anemic support dwindle further after his Michigan meltdown.  The Hermanitor will see his frontrunner status at least dented after more blondes come out of the woodwork accusing him of improper sexual advances.  And poor Mitt Romney will likely stay stalled at second place as GOP voters still furiously flail around for a ‘suitable’ candidate.  From recent polling data, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich may well be the guy.

After a disastrous entrance into the race that was so poorly executed it threatened to derail his candidacy, he’s kept his head down, delivering solid performances in each of the debates, quietly and slowly cultivating donors and activists alike.  The net result is this: he’s running third in national polling.

Well, well, well.  This is interesting.  Newt’s always been a solid candidate.  He’s got the policy chops.  And he’s quick on his feet, at least much more so than most of his peers (Rick Perry).  He has high level government experience, and despite his own missteps in the past, he’s much more of a plausible candidate than Cain, Perry or Bachmann.  I mean, while I would never support his candidacy, he’d at least be marginally credible in the White House.

So, expect a holiday upset in the GOP race.  I expect Cain’s supporters to start melting away any minute now, and those voters will likely coalesce around Newt.  So, this may well yet turn into a two man race between Romney and Gingrich.  If it’s a primary battle that erupts, so be it.  Watching this bloodletting for the Republicans continue is always amusing for Democrats such as myself, though it may not ultimately prove to be damaging to the eventual GOP candidate.  Refer back to 2008 for precedent.  Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama slogged through about as many rounds as they could, bloodying each other in the process without either truly able to eke out a victory until just before the convention in June of 2008.

And I have to say, politics aside, having Newt Gingrich come into play is always good for topics.  The man’s hilarious.  I just wish Chris Farley were still alive to do his impressions of him as House Speaker.


One Comment

  1. “So, this may well yet turn into a two man race between Romney and Gingrich.”

    Now who would have ever thought this could have been a possibility just a few months ago?

    ” I just wish Chris Farley were still alive to do his impressions of him as House Speaker.”

    That would be hilarious!


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