One Year Out

A year is an eternity in politics, or at least so goes the saying.  We’re one year out from the presidential election, set to take place Tuesday, November 6th, 2012.  The reverse casting call that is the GOP hopeful process will doubtless continue to generate more headlines as the candidates continue to scramble over one another, vying for top billing atop the ticket, and the more, ‘colorful,’ shall we say, candidates continue to embarrass themselves and their party.

And throughout this process, the President sits in wait, letting the process unfold itself.  Biding his time as the electoral process works itself out to his advantage, likely to face either an unelectable candidate such as Cain or Perry or the more palatable political contortionist Romney.  In the meantime, Obama continues to build and fine tune his machine, raising veritable boatloads of cash all the while.  With a GOP bottleneck in the House, he can’t really pass any meaningful legislation.  The results from the super-committee are set to come in soon, and on the horizon is going to be the encore of the Bush II tax cuts, conveniently set for reexamination just as the election is about to kick into high gear.

We look at the news cycle in 24 hour periods, or even for those of us that are a bit more farsighted, a week at a time.  But if you look past those snippets in time, and you look to the longer haul, the more I feel confident not only of an Obama victory, but an Obama landslide.  Because, as the President has thus far played his hand, he has a few aces up his sleeve, and as of yet, the GOP seems to be bluffing.  Also to remember: the house always wins.  In this case, I’m referring to the White House.  Another year of politics as entertainment.  And in America, it’ll be, per usual, pretty entertaining.


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