So Who’s Up Next?

The Cain Train is about to implode.  Herman Cain, who has built his public persona on a no-nonsense straight talker has suddenly become quite adept at dodging questions when it comes to allegations that he sexually harassed two women during his tenure of the lobbying group the National Restaurant Association.

This never bodes well for politicians.  Particularly for Republican ones.  So, at this point, we’ve gone through Bachmann, Perry, Romney.  What I’m wondering is who’s going to replace Cain atop what is quickly becoming the GOP debacle/nominating process?  Rick Santorum hasn’t peaked yet.  Or maybe it’s former House Speaker Newt Gingrich.  Either would be my personal favorite, not for any real merits they bring on their own, but largely because they’re both so funny.  You have a crazy former Senator who thinks that the biggest threat to this country is gays, and on the other hand a thrice-married confirmed adulterer who had the gall to (successfully) impeach Bill Clinton for his sexual improprieties, while he was conducing an extramarital affair at the same time.

The GOP, despite the excellent conditions for unseating an incumbent, is doing everything it can to lose the 2012 election.  President Obama is marginally vulnerable.  But the field of Republican wackos is doing everything in their power to make him look virtually unbeatable in the coming months.  The most electable candidate, Mitt Romney, is one who the GOP base vehemently detests.  And the veritable merry-g0-round of flavor of the week candidates has been a roll call of individuals who have demonstrated that they’re patently unqualified to be President.  So what next?

More of the same.  Expect another candidate to crest in GOP polling.  Who knows who it’ll be, but one thing’s for sure: Romney will continue to flounder at second place, and Saturday Night Live episodes will continue to be entertaining for some time to come.  And an otherwise weak administration is going to look impregnable.

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