A Highbrow Movie?

For once, yes.  That Hollywood regularly churns out juvenile brain candy on such a regular basis is no surprise, but this is of some interest.  Anonymous, a movie ostensibly about William Shakespeare, puts forth the long debated theory that Shakespeare did not actually write his own plays.  Rather, the theory goes that it was actually Edward de Vere, the 17th earl of Oxford, who did so.  In the movie, he wasn’t able to claim his own authorship, as the act of writing a play in Elizabethan England was viewed as common and vulgar.

There’s been historical dramas in the past that have taken a theory and presented it as the truth.  I don’t know what to make of it.  I do know that the body of Shakespearean literature is probably the best that exists in the English language, bar none, but as to its authorship, I have absolutely no idea.  There’s compelling data on either side.  But what’s missing the point, I think, is that instead of looking at who actually wrote it pales in comparison with seeing either Hamlet or Macbeth performed.  So, if you see the movie, do yourself a favor, and pick up a volume of Shakespeare.  Because, regardless of who wrote it, even though this movie might be great, chances are Shakespearean literature is far superior to anything coming out of Hollywood these days.  And more tellingly, that that literature is still relevant after nearly five hundred years as to who we are as human beings is indicative  as to its quality.  Enjoy!


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