Van Gogh: Death Was Murder, Not Suicide

History, once it’s written, usually stays the same.  We think we’ve found the truth, and in so doing, it remains largely static in perpetuity.  But every once in a  while, we make a new discovery, or someone goes, and takes a look back, and changes the way that we view the past.  One such case in point is the revelation yesterday that Vincent Van Gogh, arguably the most famous artist of all time, likely did not kill himself, as we’ve believed for years, but was probably accidentally shot by some teenage boys.

This is by no means Gospel, but the new theory meshes far better with what we know of Van Gogh and his life.  And it’s just one example of conventional  history being wrong to the point where what we thought was probably an outright falsehood.  That we’re able to incrementally shift our view of the past to a more accurate picture, well, even though Van Gogh wasn’t big on accuracy, being an impressionist and all, I’m sure he’d approve.

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