God Takes Over for Karl Rove

Karl Rove used to be known as the best strategist for the Republican party.  He’s a wily fellow, clever, no scruples, and very successful in politics.  I mean, look at the man.  He’s uglier than sin, and he had an utter moron (well-intentioned, but ultimately stupid) elected President and then reelected.

But he’s, apparently, losing ground to another professional political operative.  How many candidates did Rove get into the race this time around?  Zero.  So who’s the other operative?  None other than the Almighty himself, Jehova Y. God.  No fewer than for of the Republican hopefuls have said that they think God wants them to run (Santorum, Perry, Bachmann and flavor of the week (Haagen Dazs’ black walnut, that is) Herman Cain).

Now, take a look at these candidates.  And then think, for a  moment, about the chances of any of these wackos getting into office.  For each candidate, the chances are less than zero.  But, if you take the other two guys from the other utter wacko religion, Huntsman and Romney, they’re actually the most electable.  Odd, right?  The mainline Christians are batshit crazy and bringing all of this crazy God talk out, but the ones that are from what is one of the stranger faiths in the world are keeping the Jesus talk tucked in.


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